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Smart buildings.

Together we shape the future.

Intelligent Solutions for Every Facility

Providing solutions which empowers your assets – bringing comfort and safety to your home and increasing efficiency and well-being to your business.

UNLIMITED Possibilities

Artificial Intelligence

Strategic business insights and enhanced analytics


Predictive maintenance


Building/workplace engagement

Advanced control

Smart Buildings

Intelligent Building for Smart Business


Energy efficiency and optimization


 Asset & Space management

INdustry 4.0

Internet of Things

360° view facility management


Big Data available in cloud


New Revenue Generation Opportunities

Industry-specific Solutions

With everything we do, we strive to provide best-in-class Building Automation Systems for your needs.
By delivering Intelligent, data-enabled automation solutions tailored for your Industry and
your specific requirements, we proudly shape the future with you.


Industrial and Manufacturing

Latest building automation systems is key to delivery operationally efficient, safe and profitable manufacturing processes.


Office buildings

Ensuring wellbeing and safety of employees and clients by real-time processing data increases productivity and profits of organizations world wide.



By putting HVAC and Lighting installation under control, we are ensuring that clinics and hospitals are running operational, secure, comfortable, and efficient. 

White servers data center room with computers and storage systems 3D rendering

Data Centers

Facility personnel have increased visibility into the operational systems that provide real-time data to make immediate and long-term decisions.


Educational facilities

Microclimate conditions inside school buildings plays a major role in offering a great learning environment and protecting all habitants health.

3d rendering luxury bedroom suite in resort high rise hotel with working table

Hotel and Residential properties

Running highest possible comfort in occupied spaces, while saving energy wherever is possible is priority for Hotel and Residential properties.

Welcome to SKOPOS


01. Founded in 2004

We are proud of our contribution to the level and quality of the building automation industry in Serbia, and especially of our efforts to make Serbia recognized in the region by sophisticated, innovative and cutting edge industry solutions. 


Early adopters of technology are becoming thought leaders in their industry. We are seen by others as pioneers, trendsetters, and visionaries for the advancement. That’s because as an early adopter, we’re not just adopting the technology — we’re adopting the vision of the industry and are working hard to help realize that brighter future.

03. sTRONG work ethicS

We keep this really simple

  • Integrity
  • Emphasis on Quality of Work
  • Professionalism
  • Discipline
  • Teamwork and Cooperation
  • Grow & Learn

04. Passionate Experts

Our employees are experts with a proven track record. Cultivating passion isn’t easy, nor should it be. Yet, we are strongly committed to vision of truly passionate people willing to deliver excellence each and every time. Our goal is to share vision of future with our clients so we can together enjoy tomorrow.

SOME OF Our Clients

We are proud to work with some of the largest organizations in their industries

Skopos d.o.o.

Antifašističke borbe 23A

11070 Belgrade, Serbia

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