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We are with you all the way

Project design

Our experienced team will help you explore all possibilities and  find optimal solution for your needs. We can connect you to clients who can share their building automation experiences.

Energy modeling

We’ll help with valuable advices and good engineering practices to get best energy modeling analysis. We are experts in dynamic use of office spaces which can have high impact on energy consumption.

Bid Process

Dedicated engineers will facilitate an accurate bid, thereby reducing change orders and minimizing potential cost overruns. View will provide guidance on key design decisions and help assure a quality installation.

Construction Drawings​

With tight time schedules and all depending costs, our priority at this stage is to deliver best in class documentation for seamless installation. Delivering this phase with special care, enables our client’s occupants comfort, safety, and best experience.


We deliver fast, trouble free and quality installations. You project manager with his team will be there to support during whole project and onsite prevent any issues.


Deep knowledge in building automation crossed with tailored programming according to your needs  – is our key to mutual success for almost two decades already.


When it matters most our skilled engineering team is there to perfect it to every last detail. Our professionality  and flexibility excels at this stage respecting the fact that every project evolves and new requirements appears along.

Client Support

Having a premium experience on our mind as one of our main values, we are there with you all along the project timeline, as well as during and after of warranty periods.

Ingenuity Automation Solutions

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