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About Us

About Our Company

We believe in intelligent, sustainable and safe solutions each and every time. By constantly anticipating, innovatting and going an extra mile we strive to provide premium user experience for our clients.

Skopos d.o.o. works with government organizations, large enterprises and SMEs across more than 15 countries. We are committed to providing solutions to each of their challenges and needs – and our dedication proves to be successful.

Our mission

Ingenuity Automation Solutions

With deep knowledge of smart building technologies, our vision is to bring all the advantages of Internet of Things to the everyday life of each and every one of us.

On the beginning of new decade expectations go far beyond traditional BMS, seeking for advanced systems and services. Sophisticated solutions are becoming the new standard – ready to satisfy the needs of different building stakeholders and expectations of occupants.

By providing most advanced management solutions and comprehensive control of buildings, we help our clients to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimization initiatives. Furthermore, our platform based on Artificial Intelligence is bringing fantastic advantages to your business and making your facilities ready for the future.

Our profile

Premium experience​

We have been pursuing our mission since 2004.

Our presence with products and services is strong in Eastern and Central Europe, Russian federation, Middle East and Central Asia.

We successfully delivered more than 1000+ projects.

Our policy of openness sets standards for the future by breaking down traditional barriers, ensuring an optimized and futureproof ecosystem.

We are proud of the wide portfolio of premium Building Automation solutions for all types of buildings and installations.

Our experienced team of enthusiastic professionals is dedicated to your requirements.

Together we stand

Our Partners

We are brining our mission to life with our
business and corporate partners

Why we are different

Better tomorrow for all of us.

We refuse to carry out “just another building”. A company’s facilities are one of main asset values and many times customers’ first impression of your business.  Whether it’s about efficient consumption of energy, increase in work efficiency, saving operation cost or some other need which matters to you – for us it’s about delivering excellence on each project.

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